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BIM - the Key UK Documents

Updated: May 26, 2023


This blog focuses on the timeline of how the UK has adopted BIM to meet challenges in the construction industry. This blog is a quick reference guide in an expandable list.

This is by no means a complete list of reports/documents. They are a selection of the key documents that either established the need for BIM or are for the purpose of supporting the strategic objectives of BIM. In the interests of keeping summaries short, paraphrasing is used liberally throughout.


To help identify the type of document, the following colour coding has been used:

  • Government policy or strategy

  • Industry Reports - often influencing government policy

  • Standards - including PAS, TD, BS, ISO, drafts and other codified standards

  • Guidance, best practice, frameworks - to support government policy or standards

  • Other - these could be projects or initiatives or other relevant information not necessarily in a report format.

The Documents

1950 The Phillips Report on Building

2012 COBie-UK-2012

2015/16/22 BS 8536:2022

Have I got anything wrong? Have I missed something out? Leave a comment or contact me:


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